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What is Doggy Double Date?
Simply put: We connect single dog lovers with other single dog lovers!

It's hard enough being single and finding that special person, but to find that special person who also loves dogs as much as you do makes it just that much more challenging! That's why we created a place for single dog lovers to unite! Meeting another dog lover takes the typical first date awkwardness right out of the equation since there's instantly something to talk about. And if you both bring your dogs on your first date, then the focus can be shared with the dogs and not 100% on an potentially awkward situation (since we all know how that can go).

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Do you love your pet?

Is your dog or cat a part of the family? For countless people, this is very much true. We love our animals, we treat them well, and we want them to be happy.We also want to find someone. Everyone wants to find someone with whom they can explore love, romance, and all the great things that come with both. Everyone is looking to make a connection. But when it comes to actually finding someone to make that connection with, even the best dating sites often don’t live up to their billing. Online dating sites tell you that with just a few questions answered on their online forms, you’ll find the magical person for you. But will you? Making everything more complicated is the fact that there is a crop of new dating sites out there, including dating apps, that are really nothing more than hookup apps or sites. That’s not what you’re looking for, or you wouldn’t be here. No, you’ve searched the new dating sites, you’ve looked for the best dating sites, and you’ve combed through all of the also-ran dating sites for one reason and one reason only: You want to find the right person.

Maybe you also found us because you were specifically looking for a dog dating site. Dog dating sites are relatively new. Pet dating is something that most people don’t even know is out there... although awareness of what we do and how we do it is growing. We are nothing more or less than a means to make a connection with another person by using the best possible indicator of compatibility: Your beloved pet. Who better to judge whether someone is good for you than your dog, your cat, or whatever other pet you have in your life? Who better to give you some hint that the person you are dating may not be right for you, or just might be “the one,” than the animal you have brought into your home, loved, and made part of the family? Say goodbye to online dating sites and say hello to dog dating sites. Say goodbye to the hookup apps and say hello to pet-friendly, compatible dating apps that include your furry friend (or whatever else he or she may be) in the equation.

What We Do

We are a full-service pet dating site. We work like any other online dating site, really, with one major exception. Here, at Doggy Double Date, there is always room for your furry friend when it comes to learning if you are compatible with someone. We help you not only to get to know other single men and women, but also to get to know their pets. After all, the relationship that a person has with their pet, especially their dog, can really tell you a lot about the type of person that they are. Are they kind to their pet? Do they treat them well? Do they care about the quality of life that their pet experiences? If so, they are probably a kind, compassionate, loving, and giving person. Just the fact that they have a pet at all, and are willing to go through the stress and headaches of keeping an animal in their home, caring for it, getting it necessary veterinary care, and so on, tells you a lot about their patience and their ability to commit. There’s an old Viking saying: Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance. Well, you also never go out on a date with a man who doesn’t like dogs, because that tells you a lot about that man’s personality. (The same is true for women.) And most of all, if you saw someone treating their family pet cruelly or without compassion, that would tell you something about them too... wouldn’t it?

Let’s be honest. Forget that we’re talking about a Dog dating site. This isn’t about pet dating. Online dating sites all have in common one very important principle, and that is that they exist to pair you up with someone who might be a good fit for you as a human being, for a real relationship. What does that mean? It means you’re looking for someone you can get close to. Yes, even the best dating sites are geared towards people looking for everything from “new friends” to “casual dating” to long-term relationships, and yes, there are plenty of dating apps out there that are nothing but hook-up apps... but even among the crop of new dating sites geared more towards finding romantic partners with less commitment, everyone hopes that one day, they’ll meet someone who is such a great fit for them, someone whose personality is so perfect for them, that they’ll want to stay with that person. Even if initially you’re just hoping for a long-term boyfriend or girlfriend, the fact is, you want to connect with someone. You want to find someone you are compatible with. You’ve turned to pet dating because you know that a dog dating site might just be the difference between successfully finding someone... and suffering through the failure of the typical dating site.

When you come to DoggyDoubleDate.com, you get the chance to meet someone who we think might make a great match for you, sure. We use some of the same traditional methods of screening and matching you up to a prospective connection as many other online dating sites do. But we add in the extra dimension of including your pet in the process, which we find makes all the difference in the world. Your

Why Pets Matter

If you’ve never visited a dog dating site before, you might be wondering what the fuss is all about. Our website is built on the idea that there is no one in the world who knows you better than your faithful furry companion, and armed with this crucial insight into your personality, you and someone else can make the most informed decision about who is best for you. Your pet is your constant companion in a world where everyone else could conceivably be somewhere else when you need them most. Even family members aren’t always on hand when you need them, but you know who is? Your pet, that’s who. He’s loyal to a fault, and there’s a reason dogs have long been known as “man’s best friend.” It’s because they are completely devoted to the people who care for them. They know how to be good to those who are good to them, and for your pets, it’s a very simple equation.

Stop and think about that for a moment. Don’t think of it in terms of pet dating. This is more than a dog dating site. We are the best (there aren’t that many other dog dating sites, but we are the most useful and helpful on the Internet). We like to think that makes us one of the best dating sites you’re going to encounter, and yes, we’re including the dating app on your phone, the hookup app on your tablet, and any other new dating sites that might crop up out there in the future. That’s because we help you connect with someone who is the most compatible for you because they understand a part of you that no one else does. That part of you is your pet and your love for that animal. If you can see the love that a man or woman has for their pet, it’s like being able to see into their soul. This is so much more valuable than any number of questions on a personality quiz. No matter how long you chat with someone on an online dating site, you’re never going to get a better feel for what they’re like than when you take the time to see them interact with their pet... and with yours.

That’s right: Just because someone gets along with their own dog doesn’t mean they’ll get along with yours... or with you. That’s why we go to such great lengths to involve our DoggyDoubleDate.com participants with their matches’ pets. When you go out on a Doggy Double Date, after all, that’s precisely what’s happening: You, and your pet, are going out with your match, and his or her pet. The two of you are going to spend time getting to know each other, too, but you’re also going to get to know each other’s pets. The pets will hopefully get along (or they won’t), which is important information to have. You can’t get close to someone if their animal doesn’t like yours, because if things worked out and your two households combined, why, there would be a disaster if those dogs couldn’t coexist peacefully. Most importantly, though, you don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t like your own pet, or whose pet you don’t like.

Good people should never be forced to pick between what they want and the well-being of their pets, even though people are forced to do just that every day. We’ve all known someone who had to give up their beloved dog because they were moving, and either there was no way for their pet to make such a long trip, or the place to which that person was moving was one where there wasn’t room, or where pets weren’t allowed, or there was some other circumstance that forced the human being to leave their furry friend behind. This is absolutely heartbreaking. The only thing more heartbreaking that being forced to give up your pet for logistical, financial, or social reasons is having that pet taken from you... yet people experience tragedies like that every day, too.

In recent years, pet thefts have actually become a problem. People come home to find that their beloved household pets have been taken from them by untrustworthy people. Some people lose their beloved pets in relationships that don’t work out. When the animal is jointly owned by the two people involved, that pet gets taken by one or the other, and the human left out in the cold must go on without the dog they remember so affectionately. Then there are the terrible stories of people whose pets are given away by untrustworthy family members or ex-lovers, like servicemen and servicewomen who go overseas, only to have their dogs given away or left on Craigslist without their knowledge. There have been a few high-profile “viral” stories about people whose lost their pets and were eventually reunited with them... but for every one of these success stories, there is a tragic tale of loss attached to some other family of a beloved dog.

So why do pets matter?

Why are they are our furry friends? Is it because they are so trusting and so loyal when you treat them well? Is it because they are incapable of deceiving us, except in the most hilarious of ways? Is it because they are so giving with their love and affection as long as they received it from us? We think it’s a little bit of all of those things. But more than that, pets represent our capacity to love unconditionally. That’s why we are so devoted to them even when they get sick, even when they get old, and even when they die so quickly compared to us. It would be very easy not to get attached to our pets specifically because they don’t live as long as we do, but they become part of our families nonetheless. We love them, we care for them, and we treat them just like we do our children sometimes. And there are even times when our pets become substitutes for our children, such as for singles who have never met anyone, or for empty nesters whose children have already moved on out of the home. Pets are always there for us. They are also good for your health!

That’s right: One of the reasons you find yourself on a pet dating site is because you understand, on some level, that your pet is good for your health. That makes dog dating a healthy alternative for anyone who is looking to find someone and make a connection with them. It has been scientifically proven that pets are good for your health no matter what your age. For young people, growing up in a household with pets, and especially learning to care for them properly, instills important ideals about compassion, being gentle, being responsible, and caring for another living thing that depends on you and your kindness for its wellbeing. Every young child who grows up in a house with pets is better off than someone who does not. Why do you think children are always so eager to have a dog or a cat, and why do you think they delight so much in bringing these pets home? It’s more than just companionship, although that’s part of it. All children can sense the connection with animals that is what makes DoggyDoubleDate so special. It’s healthier if you have a family, or if you want to start a family, to meet someone who loves your pets and whose pets you also like. It makes for better foundations for you, for your relationship, and for everything you want to do and be with that person.

As you grow up, having a household pet makes for great family friendly fun. Every child remembers their dog fondly, and young people growing up often have the benefit of the same dog (or a few of them) throughout their formative years. Who doesn’t fondly remember the family pet, even years later? The same is true for adults. Grownups enjoy pets just as much as children do, and rare is the man or woman who does not love the pets they keep at home. Pets are trainable and can be taught to work with your household if you are just diligent enough. They ask very little of us and will generally learn to behave if you train them properly from an early age. That means you can train your dog not to go in the house, to let you know when he needs to go out or he needs to be fed, and not to be too destructive with your things. Just a little effort makes all the difference in the world.

As you grow older, your pets become your constant companions. They are great for keeping older relatives, and also those who live alone at any age, company. A pet can help chase away loneliness and make even someone who doesn’t have many social prospects feel much better. Imagine the powerful effect that having such pets in the home, when you do have someone else in your life, can have! It elevates your mood and soothes your stress. In fact, the stress-relieving qualities of pets are also scientifically proven. It has been shown in study after study that when someone has a pet to cuddle with, to pet and to hold, this helps reduce stress and anxiety. This is why some people with stress, anxiety, or trauma issues employ “service dogs” when they are not physically handicapped. The service dog comforts them and helps them to deal with the stress and anxiety that might otherwise overwhelm them.

Your Pet Is The World’s Best Ice-Breaker

So why go on a Doggy Double Date at all? Why visit DoggyDoubleDate.com, the Internet’s premier pet dating site, when you could just try to make a connection through a more conventional online dating site or dating app? Well, the new dating sites and hookup apps have nothing on us. Stop and ask yourself what the most difficult part of any new date is. It’s knowing what to do and what to say, right? When you go out with someone for the first time, even if you have taken the time to try and get to know them through one of the online dating sites, you’re always unsure what to expect. You’ve got to feel your way along, wondering how to keep the conversation going, and dreading the awkward silences that might occur. Worse yet, what if the activity you pick for your date isn’t to the liking of the person you’re trying to get to know? You can only “go out for coffee” so many times, and when you do, what happens when the two of you run out of things to say? It can become one of those nightmare first dates that turns into... well, anything but a second date, when things get awkward between the two of you.

That’s why we want you to go on a Doggy Double Date with your pet and with your connection’s pets. We’ve talked already about how much great insight this can provide you into that person’s personality, into what they’re really, truly like. Seeing a person with their pet, and watching them interact with your pet, is a great way to see if your two family units (for that is what you and your pet are, regardless of whoever else you might have at home) are truly compatible. Will you get along? If you can get along with their pets, and you like being around them, then that is at least an indicator that things look good. It may not be a guarantee, but it’s a start, right? Having that firm foundation on which to start building a relationship with someone is very important, and that’s what a dog dating site like ours does for you. We give you the chance to start making that connection in a way that other online dating sites do not. Dating apps are not the answer. Pet dating is the answer. But we’re not done talking about the Doggy Double Date concept, because we haven’t yet touched on the best part.

The best part is this one: your pet is the best ice-breaker in the world. Think about how much less awkward is to meet someone when they are interested in your pet. That’s why some men will go to public places with their adorable pets, because these dogs help draw in women and give the men something to talk about. Dog dating sites like ours are an order of magnitude better than that. There are no cheap tricks and there is no attempt to deceive. There is only the ironclad guarantee that we will help give you the best chance at finding someone with whom you are truly compatible, someone you can really connect with. Now, obviously, we can’t guarantee your results. People are unpredictable. But we will give you the best chance possible by giving you a means to keep your dating moving and keep your prospective partner entertained by having your pets there.

Think of how much easier it will be to meet someone new when the two of you can talk about your pets, talk about what they are like, and exchange your stories of how much fun (and sometimes, how much challenge) it is to have these animals in your life? This is the advantage of dog dating sites over the new dating sites out there, over the dating apps, and over other online dating sites and hookup programs. Your pet is your loved one. He or she is like part of your family. Now you get to take him or her on your date, and you get to meet that prospective partner’s pet, and the two of you have something to talk about. Even if things stall out, so to speak, the pair of you can always observe your pets playing together, talk about that, and have an endless supply of conversation-starting material for the duration of your time together. It’s the perfect way to keep things casual and light. It’s impossible not to have a good time when the two of you are watching your dogs play and get along... and if the two of them do not get along, well, then that’s a good indicator that you’ve chosen the wrong family unit.

The Problems with Traditional Online Dating Sites

It’s understandable that in your search for someone to connect with, you might have tried one of the other online dating sites out there, or one of the new dating sites or dating apps. You may have looked around for a long time before you found pet dating as the solution to your romantic problems. We completely understand. A lot of people try online dating because they’ve been taught that this is the only way. We all start out with an idea about what dating is, and this revolves around what we’ve been taught is the traditional, conventional model of dating and finding someone. We’re told that we have to go out into the world and “meet cute” with someone, or somehow just run into them. Have you ever really stopped to think about how you’re supposed to meet someone if the two of you don’t already work together or have some other way to come into regular contact? It’s not easy to just run into someone once and then ask them out. That’s why most often when people meet “organically,” they meet at work or at some other social venue where they encounter each other often. This could be a club, a church, or any other social or working event, but people who are around each other a lot will sometimes find each other, feel a spark, make a connection, and make a relationship work.

The traditional dating model says that if you can’t find someone in one of these ways (and that model does not take dog dating or pet dating into account), you’ve got to go out actively hunting for those connections. You’ve got to, for example, go to bars, or to singles’ mixers, or to other places where lonely people are supposed to go “looking for action,” such as to nightclubs. A lot of these places aren’t the nicest areas to hang out in either: they’re loud, they’re dark, they’re full of people who couldn’t care less that you are there, and they generally aren’t the sorts of places that you’ll consider time spent productively when you go there. You’ll waste hour after hour just trying to strike up conversations with people in traditional singles’ spots like these or, worse, you’ll end up fighting off the endless fly-bys of people who are trying to “pick you up” and who have no intention of sparking up any kind of true meaningful connection with you. That’s the downside to traditional, conventional, in-person dating that drives a lot of people to the best dating sites (or what they think are the best dating sites). They see online dating sites and dating apps as their way out. But even the best dating sites online, if they aren’t dog dating sites or pet dating sites, aren’t really going to help. And that’s because the online dating model is fundamentally flawed without pet dating to supplement it.

What do we mean by that? Well, the typical online dating site, even the best dating sites, is built around the idea that like attracts like. You fill out your profile and maybe even hundreds of personality test questions, and you fill in other preferences and personal data (some of which can get very, very personal indeed) and you upload some pictures of yourself. The first problem with all this is that the picture you upload you’ll naturally select for what flatters you. If you think you’re going to get a true sense of what somebody looks like from their online dating site’s picture, you’ve got another thing coming. The best dating sites will make some effort to prevent blatantly false photos from being uploaded, or photos that don’t represent the person, but there’s really no way to prevent falsehood from sneaking through. It’s not uncommon at all for people to “catfish” even the best dating sites, fooling people into thinking they are the opposite sex and then stringing those people along for any length of time. This even happened to a famous football player not so long ago, who was humiliated when the online “girlfriend” he thought he had been developing turned out to be a man who was scamming him for attention or gratification.

The second big problem with even the best dating sites out there is that, if they are not pet dating or dog dating sites, you can’t count on being compatible with someone just because they like the same things you do. The old saying, “opposites attract,” is really more about having complementary qualities. That means that what you have, your partner lacks, and what your partner has, you lack... making the two of you a great team. That’s the goal of every connection you try to make for the long term, isn’t it? Making sure that you’re with someone who perfectly completes you, to use the old phrase, and who can help you get through life the same way you are helping them? There are a lot of couples who first come together because they have similar interests who end up butting heads because they are just too much alike. And plenty of disastrous relationships that starting out on even the best dating sites have turned out that way because the people involved couldn’t cover each other’s “blind spots.” They didn’t have the coverage in personalities because their own personality flaws were too much alike, so they ended up having serious problems because of it.

Internet dating can be a real problem because of the time invested. When you first wade into the pool of an online dating site, and here we are again assuming it’s not a dog dating site or a pet dating site, you have to be thinking, “Wow, there are all these people who I never would have an opportunity to meet in the real world.” That’s very true, and it’s what attracts people to online dating sites in the first place. It’s like adding a search engine to the people around you, and extending your search to a much wider area of people than you could ever meet in a single social venue. You might meet twenty people in a bar or nightclub, in terms of the people you talk to, but online dating sites let you “meet” two hundred people without even blinking. At issue is the fact that while all these great options are opening up for you because of online dating, they’re opening up for other people, too. How will you stand out in that immense crowd of people? When the person you are trying to strike up a conversation with on an online dating site is getting messages from dozens, scores, or even hundreds of people, how will your message ever reach them? More often than not, it will get lost in the shuffle.

Your pet makes all the difference in that kind of equation. People will stop and pay attention to animals when they might walk right by a human being. We all have our favorites and we all have different types of animals we like. Your adorable dog might be just the thing to get the girl or guy of your dreams to slow down and really notice you as if seeing you for the first time. If the two of you start talking on our site, unlike with other online dating sites or dating apps, you’ll automatically have something to talk about besides the usual “pick up lines” and other nonsense that people talk about on dating sites and hookup apps. That’s because your pet is the ultimate ice breaker, as we’ve said, and the best conversation starter in the world. What makes your pet such a great conversation starter? Well, it’s a fact that your animal has the best connection to you apart from another person. We all love our pets. When the person you’d like to get to know also likes your pet, there’s already the start of a connection there.

It's like the tinder used to start a fire. When the tiniest of sparks flies because your prospective date has seen your pet and likes what he or she sees, then a little spark and a little flame starts to grow. When the two of you talk, you automatically have something to talk about, so you discuss your animals. After all, the site is DoggyDoubleDate.com. It would be weird if you didn’t talk about your pets, right? So we give you a way to get your foot in the door of a meaningful conversation. Your pet, your beloved family dog, can be the means through which you strike up a conversation with someone you’d really like to get to know. In other words, we are making it easy for you. We aren’t just making it easy for you, in fact: We’re almost doing the work for you. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Doesn’t that seem like a great way to cut to the chase, set aside all the red tape of that traditional dating site dance, and actually meet and spend time with someone with whom you can forge a real connection?

DoggyDoubleDate.com is not just for people looking for serious, long-term relationships. We understand that sometimes you just want something light and casual, and we can help you accomplish that. But if you have a furry friend in your life, you don’t want your casual dating life to interfere with that fact, right? The last thing you want to do is put pressure on your dog, or have pressure put on you, because you’re casually dating someone who doesn’t like your pet or doesn’t want to be around him or her. You can eliminate all of that trouble before it even begins by getting to know your partner’s pet ahead of time. When you list your profile on a dog dating site, you’re saying, “Yes, I have a pet. Deal with it.” You’re putting everybody on notice that they had better be okay with it because you are going to need them to be. Nobody should have to choose between a relationship and their pet, right? Well, now, with a pet dating site like ours, you don’t have to.

DoggyDoubleDate.com helps break the ice, helps you find somebody compatible, and helps to make the dating process more fun. There’s not a lot else you could ask for, right? Well, now you don’t have to. You can have everything you need in an online dating site. You can put away the cheap hookup and dating apps and rest assured that you have found one of the best dating sites you are likely to find. That’s because we are a dog dating site like no other. We are the best of a new breed of new dating sites that take into account your lifestyle realistically when it comes to meeting another person with whom you might choose to share that life. We get close to our pets. For most of us, our pets are a very real part of our lives. You want to be with someone who not only understands that, but whose pet or pets get along with yours and who likes your animal as much as you do. You want to be able to reciprocate that compatibility, right?

Well, the way to do that is with the information we will help you put together here at DoggyDoubleDate.com. With your input into your profile, and with our expertise in hooking you up and connecting you with people who share your love of your dog or other pet, you will have the best possible chance of finding someone worthwhile. That, after all, is that it is really all about, and that’s why Doggy Double Date exists. We want you to find somebody worthwhile. We want to change your life for the better, and we want to do it while including your furry little friend in the mix. You owe it to yourself, and you owe it to your pet. Try us today. Don’t delay any longer. Every minute you waste is a minute you are not meeting someone with whom you could spend some happy social time, some pleasant weeks or months, or even the years of a serious, long-term relationship with someone who really “gets” you.

We are all about helping you find someone who “gets” you. We also understand just how strongly many people have integrated their pets into their lives. It isn’t silly, it isn’t unusual, and it’s actually the biggest part of a wave of new dating sites that take into account very specific lifestyle factors. DoggyDoubleDate.com is one of the best dating sites that is also a dog dating or pet dating site. Dog dating sites are all the rage now, but you are choosing true quality when you go with us, because we have been in the game a while... and we know how best to make it work for you. Start today!

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