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Doggy Double Date is the world’s largest network of singles with dogs seeking other singles with dogs. Established in 2013, we have thousands of singles just like yourself with a passion and love for dogs. So join today and meet that special person who loves spending time with dogs as much as you do!

DoggyDoubleDate is a site built on integrity and honesty. You can count on us to protect your private information and the integrity of your account. You can also count on us to give you great customer service when it comes to your account with us. We take very seriously our mission to help connect you, and your pets, with someone who is compatible, someone with whom you can make a real connection. That’s not just our stated purpose. It’s our mission, and we take that mission very seriously.

You see, we derive great happiness from seeing people like us, people with pets, find other like-minded people for romance. Whether you are looking for something casual or you’re hoping for something more serious, we will always be here for you… and we will make every effort to demonstrate to you, each and every time you come to us, that we are one of the best dating sites online. DoggyDoubleDate.com is pet dating done right. It is the best dog dating site you’re going to find. We are part of a new breed of new dating sites that take into account important lifestyle factors that make for a better overall selection base and improve your chances of choosing “correctly.” That’s because we understand that compatibility is an art, not a science.

Compatibility Is An Art, Not A Science
Too many online dating sites out there try to reduce you to a pile of numbers or quiz questions. You’re not going to find the love of your life filling out endless personality quizzes. To find someone you can make a connection with, you need to be able to resonate with that person on a truly emotional level .What more emotional connection is there than the one that you make with your pet? Your dog is like a little furry window into your personality. How you act with him, how he acts with others, and how they react to you and your pet together tells you a great deal about… well, everyone involved. This is the reason pet dating sites exist. They integrate the most reliable indicator of personality and compatibility into the dating process. Frankly, we’re kind of amazed that this hasn’t been done before.

This is why you should try DoggyDoubleDate.com. You’ve tried other online dating services. You’ve tried dating apps and hookup apps. Isn’t it time you tried something different? If what you’ve always done before isn’t working or hasn’t worked, isn’t it time to try something else? We think once you try pet dating, you’ll understand the advantage that dog dating gives you. Dog dating sites like ours are the perfect means of improving your chances of compatibility with someone, of making the true spark of romance that helps you build a connection. That’s what we exist to give you. We build that chance for you. We help light the spark that hopefully will become the fire of romance… and we do it by helping you get to know the other person better. You will never know someone better than when you know their dogs, when you see them with their dogs, and when they get to share in your love of your pet with you.

What Is It About Our Dogs?
So why DoggyDoubleDate.com? Just what is it about our dogs that makes them so special? Sure, they’re fun. Sure, they’re cuddly. Sure, they keep us company when we’re lonely. But they also know when we’re not feeling well. Have you ever noticed how a dog or even a group of them will cluster around someone who is not feeling well? Have you ever had a dog or cat that paid special attention to you when you were sick? It’s not just that our dogs can tell when we’re unhappy or not at our best… they genuinely seem to want to comfort us, to help us to feel better, and to be there for us. Your pet understands that you would do anything for him, and he knows that you’re always there to care for him, feed him, and otherwise give him a good life. Your love and your attention make him want to repay that. He has an enormous capacity to give and to share in your affection. He wants to give and to share to you. That is his nature.

It may be this that makes us love our dogs so much. It may be something else. Or it may be something specific and genetic, something deep down in the makeup of both dogs and human beings. They say that dogs were some of the first animals ever domesticated by human beings. They truly are our best friends, and they demonstrate their loyalty and their love of us over and over again. They have for centuries. They are our faithful companions and allies. We trained them in years past to tend our flocks. These days, scientists are even training them to look for illnesses. And service dogs help people with mental and physical handicaps every day. Any animal that can help a wounded or traumatized soldier feel better, then make a child happy, is an animal worth knowing. Our pets are part of our families, yes, but the connection goes deeper than that. Human beings were meant to have dogs around, and dogs were meant to support and love people as much as people support and love them. The two of us need each other.

Stop beating your head against the wall when it comes to online dating. Get the connection you were always meant to have by including your dog in the process. Let your furry friend help you the way he or she always has… by helping you to be happy. Your dog is your faithful companion, but he can also help you find a human companion that might be with you for the rest of your life. This is something we feel very strongly about, and we are very devoted to achieving a positive outcome for you. Register your account with DoggyDoubleDate.com today and let us help you find the person and the pet who is right for you. The ultimate pairing of person and pet starts with pet dating. Our dog dating site is the best dating site available for this lifestyle choice. We will show you just how helpful we can be for you.


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