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31 / M / Straight / Single
Chicago, IL (14 Miles)
Seeking Dating
Ethnicity Chaldean
Body Type Overweight
Height 5′ 3″
Faith Jewish
Smoke Meth
Drink Socially Blackout
Children Someday
Education GED
Job Onion Peeler
Income Undeclared
Hair Color Eye Color
Dog Size Medium
Dog Age 4

About Me

My Summary
I’m originally from Detroit.
I’ve been told I’m funny, outgoing, honest, hard worker and I got a huge drive and a great motivator!
I’m in love with musical theatre. Im a huge dork in that way. It’s my passion and I love NY.
I love to travel too, sometimes I just take off and go to a random city, I’m pretty spontaneous.
I love and hate working out. I like to stay fit and practice yoga, namaste.
My family is the most important thing in my life. I feel blessed everyday to have them. My nephew is better than yours.

How I Enjoy Life
Making people laugh.
Awkward situations.
Bargain shopping.
Being forward.

What I Do Most Work Days
Sell people boring products that they would never use like paper towels and stuff you would find at gift shops like miniature camels with jockeys on them.

What I Do Most Weekends
taking a yoga class, relaxing at home, out with friends, eating my feelings. haha no jk

Dog Details

Dog Name Redford
Size Medium
Age 4
Type Poodle Mix
Best Trick Play Dead


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